Books we’d recommend for dog enthusiasts

Books are wonderful. They help us share stories and learn about new ways of life, events, and information that may not be readily available to us. Books about dogs are even more wonderful, however, and we’ve compiled a list of some dog books that are too good to pass up. So whether you’re sitting at the dog park while your dog plays, or maybe you’re on the couch thinking about your perfect dog, take a look at a few of these books. We bet you’ll like them as much as we did!

The Right Dog For You

While we’re a firm believer that every dog is unique, we actually really enjoy “The Right Dog for You” by Daniel F. Tortora. We suggest not getting too hung up on a specific breed being the perfect fit and instead recommend viewing this book as a very thorough encyclopedic guide to dog breeds. There’s a ton of information in this book, and it can help you identify things that you may not know about your favorite dog breeds (like which breeds “Blow their coat”).

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George is a fairly well known dog trainer in the pet space. He’s been on several shows on Animal Planet and offers tons of tips on dog training on his YouTube channel. In Dog Training Revolution, Zak George dives deep into his training methods and focuses heavily on bonding with the dog and positive reinforcement. Luna (of Luna Journal) was trained using the techniques in this book and her behavior has turned out wonderfully. Additionally, at Luna Journal, we’re huge fans of positive reinforcement (it seems to work best and keeps everyone happy).

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love

In full transparency, no one at Luna Journal has read this book yet, but it is on our list (and fair warning, this book and summary may trigger hard feelings about animal cruelty and pet care — If you skip reading this description, no one will judge you). Oogy is about a rescue who was originally used as bait in dog fights. After being disfigured and left for dead, he was rescued by police officers and the staff at Ardmore Animal Hospital saved his life. Around the same time, Larry Levin (author) and his twin sons were taking their beloved terminally-ill cat to be put to sleep and met Oogy. This book tells the story of Oogy’s rescue and the Levin family bringing him into their home and making him one of their own. And yes, we cried a bit while writing this paragraph so it’s okay if you got teary-eyed reading it, too.

Off the Leash: A year at the dog park

Off the Leash is a wonderful story of how a dog can subtly change a persons life. Matthew Gilbert paints a picture of fear and loathing for dogs and social groups, and throughout the story transforms into an individual who’s got fur on his jacket and is tossing a tennis ball at the dog park. As the book progresses you’re introduced to many different dogs and their owners. You will see the connections made by the dogs and the connections made by the owners through their dogs. As a dog-park-goer, this book will feel immediately familiar, but contains enough unknowns to keep you excited until the end.

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