Your Pet's Information
All in one place

Luna Journal helps your household track your pet's adventures, medications, vaccinations, and more all in one central place. When you track something that's relevant to your vet, let us know and we'll send it to them for you.

About Luna Journal

Helping you keep track of the information your pet needs

Track your pet's health

Luna Journal helps you track all of your pet’s important information in one central application.

Never miss medication time again

Luna Journal uses push notifications to help remind you on their behalf. In our pet health tracker app, you can setup all the medications that your pet needs as well as medication timeslots, dosage information, and more

Send your data to your veterinarian

Our pet health tracking app supports sending your pet's data to your veterinarian via SMS and Email

Track trends in your pet's weight

Luna Journal helps you track your pet’s weight and and monitor trends through a weight tracking chart

Collaborate on your pets health data

Luna Journal allows you to create a household and add people and pets to that household. All people in that household have access to the information of pets in the same household.

Find peace of mind

We know that an app can’t make all of your pet’s health concerns go away, but Luna Journal aims to do as much as we can to alleviate that stress.

Luna Journal Is Available For Free On Google Play & App Store