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Luna Journal helps your household track your pet’s adventures, medications, vaccinations, and more all in one central place.

When you track something that’s relevant to your vet, let us know and we’ll send it to them for you.

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Luna Journal takes a unique approach to Pet Journaling. We’ll help you log anything that you find valuable — memories or information. Plus, we’ll help you get the important information over to your veterinarian automatically.

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Who Is Luna?

In January of 2020, my fiance and I awoke to a serious rumbling sound that came from our dog’s crates. What we found horrified us. At 2:33 in the morning, our Australian Shepherd, Luna, was having a seizure. She had never had one before and we had no idea what we were supposed to do. We tried to make sure she was safe and when she came down, we made a plan to get help.

After talking with her veterinarian, we were informed that one seizure is somewhat common in dogs, especially Aussies like Luna. If no more seizures happened, we wouldn’t need to take any action. A month went by and we thought we were in the clear. Unfortunately, another seizure happened.

We talked with Luna’s veterinarian again and found that she would likely need to start taking medication for life, and it was imperative that she took it every day during a specific time window. We agreed. Anything to help our dog.

We struggled a bit at first with communicating between each other. Did she get her medications this morning? Unfortunately, as we figured out how to better communicate those details, she continued having seizures. We tried several medications and found that Luna’s veterinarian would want regularly details: photos, videos, journal entries for her seizures explaining how long they lasted and more.

We tried keeping a physical journal and emailing photos and videos, but ran into several issues. As a software engineer by trade, Luna’s adoptive father set out to build a better solution. Enter: Luna Journal.